I live in Santa Fe, NM (by way of Brooklyn, Florida, and Texas) with my partner, a coterie of excitable plush and robot friends, and three house plants.

I am a vegan runner, a gardener, a reader, and a writer. I love bright colors, sunny days, making things, and one song, all out dance parties.

I use a lot of exclamation points and proud of it!

I am always doing too many things, but feeling pretty good about it. Usually. Fully embracing that #multipotentialite life.


Let’s say hi on the internet:

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It's Me!

Hi, I’m Aja. It’s super nice to meet you!

I’ve lived most of my life in pursuit of the next thing. 

I graduated from college with zero debt and a major in photography, then swiftly decided that career field was not for me, and incurred debt after my savings evaporated working my first post-college job that paid me too little to live off of in NYC.

Then, I took out a loan to attend a hippie culinary school and post-graduation struggled with low-paying kitchen jobs and finding enough work in general. More debt.

Eventually, I gained consistent work as a private chef, but always with a steady stream of side hustles (production assistant, admin assistant, graphic designer, front-of-house jobs, catering gigs, etc.).

In all of my professional life, there have cumulatively been maybe 3-4 years where I’ve only had one job at any given time. Often by choice, but sometimes out of pure necessity.

Between being hit with huge tax bills, being unable to make financial plans because of my inconsistent and often inadequate income, and dealing with the embarrassment of income disparity with my hoped-to-be-long-term partner I opened up a spreadsheet, stopped being polite, and started getting real.

I finally got fed up with my ignorance around managing my money–I knew I could do better. 

Along the way I discovered it was indeed possible to:
     1. pay off debt ($20K in 3 years),
     2. save and invest money, and
     3. make other money related plans,
and STILL live life according to my own rules.

Once I got out of my own way, learned what was holding me back emotionally, and figured out how to set and implement powerful goals my view on money turned around and I have experienced more happiness and freedom in all areas in my life.

I am NOT a financial adviser or investment specialist or an accountant. But I AM extra good at crunching numbers, planning, implementing strategy, keeping things on track, staying positive, oh, and calling bullshit when needed.