Just graduated and trying to adult?

Got big life changes on the horizon?

Dealing with debt?

Want a positive relationship with your money?

Want to take control of your finances instead of them controlling you?

Getting there is 100% doable.

"I did not have any enthusiasm about this area of my life.
It was 100% seen as a chore and a drag.
Aja has ALL THE ENTHUSIASM, and that’s the buddy I needed."

Money impacts everything in our lives.

  • Our relationships
  • Our mental and physical wellbeing
  • Our career choices
  • Our communities

BUT it is also:
one of the greatest tools
we have to influence our world for the better
and live the life we truly want.


Let’s get your money right.

Are you ready to create positive,
long-lasting change in your life? 

Let’s do this.

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